Inventors Story

In Oct.1976 while visiting my parents in South Miami I frequently went to the nearby Miami Seaquarium to watch a four arid a half foot porpoise ascend to touch an orange basketball suspended 25 feet above the water for Shamu. It was exciting to see the beautiful whale rise tip to nuzzle the ball, but when the tiny porpoise rose the same height it was unbelievable! After a number of days studying him I decided that I just had to make myself a tail like his and see what it would do for my swimming. 

Being a nuclear physicist and a naval aviator I knew a lot about forces of all kinds, especially gravity and airfoils. But building a concept fin proved to be a very difficult task. Working in the aerospace industry I had some great friends who helped mc to finally get a test fin built. Its performance was so extraordinary that I decided to go for a patent.

I applied in 1981 and after quite a struggle received my patent in 1985. Many tests and modifications took place during this period and when the patent arrived I had a design that I was ready to market. What turned out to be an enormous problem was finding some one who could build it.  After two years of searching, including foreign countries, the president of my local inventors club found a prototyper only twenty minutes away. Soon I was swimming with a number of prototvpes. They were pretty arid were very exciting to swim with. Now it was time to mass produce the fin and think about marketing involvements. Trying to find an American company was another exhausting search. A contact in California led me to a Taiwan engineer who immediately became interested.

It was now 1992. A most pleasant relationship developed with Steve Shieh and we were able to evolve a design that simplified the manufacturing process. Now, twenty years from concept, we have DOL-FIN TAILS ready for immediate mailing. I can describe the experience in one word... DETERMINATION!!!  Have a great time experimenting with your DOL-FIN TAIL.

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